Possible Resident Evil 9 release window leaked


Rumors about the release of Resident Evil 9 have been somewhat contradictory in recent weeks. If a few days ago we talked about that the development of the game could have suffered an internal delay, and that the title could be further away from its release than expected, in the last few hours the same source that offered such information seems to have “retracted”, and has spoken about what could be the release window of Resident Evil 9.

Of course, the information comes from the insider Dusk Golem, who precisely referred to the information he offered a few days ago through his Discord, about the possible internal delay of the game. According to the insider, it seems that the source he consulted confirmed that the internal delay did not happen, and that the announcement of the game could be very close. In fact, he was encouraged to give him a launch window for the title, which could be in January 2025.

ventana de lanzamiento de Resident evil 9

January 2025 would be the possible window for Resident Evil 9’s release.

According to the insider, the game has been in development for no less than 7 years. This is what would allow Resident Evil 9 to be available early this year, although Dusk Golem warns that the January window is something he has not been able to confirm, but it is the date he has heard on occasion and it could be that Capcom continues to maintain, although many things have changed.

January 2025 I hadn’t heard now, it’s just a date I had heard previously, they’re probably still aiming, but I never know in game development. I won’t leak or rumor any other details of the game, I’ll just let Capcom do their thing and surprise people.

To be aware of Resident Evil 9 ‘s work, it seems that the game entered development in early 2018, at the same time as Resident Evil Village, which started as the eighth installment in the series, to at one point in development be considered a spin-off, even though it did eventually release as a numbered installment. At the same time, Resident Evil 9 was planned at one point as Resident Evil 8, although the conversion of Village in that installment, ended up turning the title into the ninth numbered installment.

For now, these are just rumors, but if they become reality, and we see a possible Resident Evil 9 announcement sometime next summer, there’s a chance we could actually see the new installment of the series in early 2025.