PlayStation would eliminate this PS4 exclusive game that marked a whole historical era: Is this true?

PlayStation would eliminate this PS4 exclusive game after a long time in the store and on sale. And the truth is that this game has marked a whole era of achievements and successes for Sony&;s console. In fact the game will leave you many &;in shock&;.

We are talking about Until Dawn, one of the most important works of horror and mystery of the PS4 catalog and that set a new precedent in horror stories. Mysteriously the game seems to be leaving PlayStation digital stores.

PlayStation would remove this PS4 exclusive game and the community has been perplexed by this dramatic decision and supposed end to Until Dawn. PlayStation Store has removed Until Dawn&;s tab from countries such as Australia and Germany.

Some are conjecturing and these are the options driving the removal of the PS4 game from stores:

  • A remastered version coming to PS5 and PC.
  • The removal of the PS4 version would serve to induce the purchase of this new version.
  • The withdrawal has been done quietly and without warning.

Although it seems that in the end it will not be so.

As we can see from the leaker who announced it, it seems that the information has been rectified because there are no strong and weighty reasons that lead us to think about the withdrawal of the PS4 version of Until Dawn. Since it may well be a store error.

Hence the leaker himself decided to delete the information until he had a more solid basis on which to support such claims.