Playstation Plus to offer Lost Epic instead of Evil West in Japan

January 2024, PlayStation Plus surprised some gamers in Japan by offering a different game in its free catalog. Although the titles initially announced were A Plague Tale: Requiem, Nobody Saves the World and Evil West, Japanese users discovered that Evil West was replaced by Lost Epic. This modification is presented as a one-off phenomenon highlighting variations in free game offerings according to specific regions.

Lost Epic, a 2D side-scrolling action game, immerses players in an epic battle between gods and humans in the “Region of the Gods.” Players assume the role of a god-killing knight on a mission to overthrow the six gods, offering a unique experience for Japanese PlayStation Plus users.

While no details were provided on the reason behind this Japanese territory-specific change, it highlights PlayStation Plus’ flexibility in tailoring its free game offerings to different audiences and regional preferences.

This catalog adjustment highlights the importance of verifying region-specific offerings for PlayStation Plus subscribers . As titles can vary and offer diverse gaming experiences. With the arrival of this new free-to-play game, Lost Epic, Japanese players have the opportunity to explore anexciting 2D world and face unique challenges as they complete their mission to overthrow the gods in this action title.