PlayStation Plus to add more PS1 AND PS2 games

PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers can expect a significant improvement in the catalog of PS1 and PS2 classics. Until now, there has been a conspicuous absence of titles from these consoles, which has generated discontent among PS5 and PS4 users. However, Sony is committed to addressing this concern, thus fulfilling one of its outstanding promises.

The Implicit Conversions team , tasked with emulating PS1 and PS2 games on current systems, is working closely with Sony to expand the PlayStation Plus Premium catalog. According to Robin Lavallée and Jake Stine, in charge of the team, they are working hard to add a wide range of classic games to the service. They stress how pleased they are to see the positive feedback from the community when new titles are added.

This news comes just before the launch of the new PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games in March 2024.. Gamers, eager to discover the additions to the catalog, have expressed their expectations and desires. Sony&;s commitment to enhance the classics catalog is a step in the right direction to meet subscriber demands.

A wider variety of PS1 and PS2 games are expected to be available to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers in the coming months. This expansion will not only enrich the game library, but also give users the opportunity to relive timeless classics and discover new gaming experiences.