PlayStation Plus and the supposed price reduction of the Extra option that does not exist

PlayStation Plus is once again in the eye of the storm after the alleged price reduction of the Extra mode of the subscription service, and the confusion that this error has led to the gaming community.

Because yes, you may have seen these last hours that PlayStation Plus Extra was going to lower its price, especially in some notifications that users had received inviting people to get the Extra service for the price of Essentials, which is the cheapest.

PS+ Extra for the price of Essential deal? Did anyone else get this?
byu/OhDearGodRun inPlayStationPlus

This was unfortunately a mistake that has led some of the community to be confused, as these emails were compromised by an internal Sony programming error. That, or that it is an outline of a promotion that at this time, would not be available.

Be that as it may, it seems that we still have time to check if in the near future the option to get PlayStation Plus Extra is still available or not. In any case, from OcioParaTi we will update you as we learn more details.

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