PlayStation plans to follow in the footsteps of Xbox Game Pass

PlayStation and Xbox Game Pass have been in the spotlight in recent days. All as a result of the news that the company headed by Sony intends to inspire its gaming and work methodology to offer a service to its players more similar to what we see in Xbox Game Pass than what PS Plus is today.

Quite a clever move, as this is one of the areas in which PlayStation currently loses out to the rest of the competition in the video game industry. Following the Insomniac Games hack, several interesting documents were glimpsed regarding Sony’ s long and medium-term future plans.

PlayStation planea seguir los pasos de Xbox Game Pass

Sony is planning a strategy that goes by the name Services 3.0, and encompasses all of PlayStation and PS Plus. The idea would be to expand the service to different platforms, including Microsoft(PC). This would lead to an increase in players and undoubtedly an increase in revenue for the company.

This would also extend to mobile, in the form of free games and adaptations. Similar to what we see today with Xbox Game Pass. While we do not know if this project will end up being carried out, everything seems to indicate that it is on PlayStation’s roadmap for the coming years.