PlayStation offers full refunds on this controversial PS5 game

PlayStation offers refunds on this title that has been surrounded by controversy since day 1, and that was for PS5. But things in life change, and in the video game industry that is no exception.

So stay tuned, because the information we are going to leave you below has its own thing:

A user has shown us how he was able to get a refund for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, one of the most controversial games of recent times.

Wow sony really gave me a refund
byu/Tris_____ inSuicideSquadGaming

In fact the situation has been so strong and beastly these days around the title, that several users have opted either not to join the purchase of the game, or to return it in a matter of time.

It seems that the future of Suicide Squad in the world of video games looks very black. And this is mainly due to questionable scripting decisions made in the game, characters lacking charisma and depth and a game that initially comes out exclusively in co-op/online.