Persona 3 Reload: The final chapter will arrive as DLC against the community&;s wishes

Persona 3 Reload final chapter will arrive in DLC against what the community wanted and the controversy is already served. The episode Aigis will arrive in addition and with extra cost for those who already have the game.

In fact we will be able to get this episode in an expansion pack that is already on sale. The Persona 3 Reload expansion pass will be divided into three parts:

The second part will arrive in May with new content that we will need to play if we want to complete the story and its additional plots completely. A system of selling the game that has earned the revulsion of much of the gaming community.

Although the positive part is that the DLC will be available on Game Pass, so subscribers will be able to play it at no additional cost.

While the game has had a great reception in general, resorting to this type of sales has taken its toll on Atlus. Although if they offer us a very good quality content, they may manage to overshadow these sudden criticisms.