PC Futbol 8: Images of the project and official development information

PC Futbol 8 has recently been released in style, not as a finished game, but it has built the first steps towards its official launch. And we can see this thanks to some new promotional images and the appearance of its legal and already completed Steam page.

So if you are a soccer lover and on top of that you want to enjoy games like this on your computer, then PC Futbol (one of the most mythical and niche sports franchises in the history of sports in video games), is the perfect title for you.

  • PC Futbol 8 is scheduled for release on PC on April 30, 2024.

That said, we’ve been able to take a look at some official screenshots of the game, and if you want you can check out its official page on Steam, Valve’s computer gaming platform.

If you want to see more official images of the game on PC, we encourage you to check out its official page on the blue PC platform. In addition, in this title we will be able to live a whole simulation experience as manager and coaches of a soccer team.

  • Manage your squad of players.
  • Develop strategies for the matches.
  • Control the classifications and competitions.
  • Improve your club and your experience as a coach.