Palworld&;s first &;Pokérap&; is delighting players and you can see it here.

Palworld&;s first &;Pokérap&; is proving to be a great success. In just a matter of 1 month, we have been able to witness the first (of predictably many creations), which will completely devastate the internet. And best of all, you can see it right here:

That yes, we recommend you first take a look at our complete guide to Palworld, to know all the tricks and tips that we can take advantage of today of the title. Remember that this kind of &;Pokérap&; is made as a comedy/parody.

The Palworld Rap (Pokérap Parody)
byu/HiMyNameIsJudge inPalworld

Feel free to comment on what you thought of it, and if it reminds you of those legendary Pokémon raps that have been making the rounds of networks and digital content platforms for years.