Palworld update angers players for including censorship and not warning in patch notes

This latest Palworld update, contrary to what many would think, has not gone down well with the hardcore players of the Pocket Pair title. And is that the patch notes has added censorship filters in the game.

Censorship that has angered a certain sector of the community, and of course the controversy has already been served on a silver platter on social networks. The success of Palworld comes largely because of its risky proposal, and having known how to give players what they wanted.

With this latest update there has been a widespread bittersweet feeling:

What has outraged most in itself is not the fact of applying these filters in the game, it has been the total omission of them in the patch notes. This has provoked the anger of many players, not only because of the censorship added to the game, but also because it has been hidden from the recent changes.

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Not listed in Patch Notes: Added Censorship
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