Palworld receives its first raid boss and looks like this

Palworld receives its first raid boss with Pocket Pair s latest game update. So there are thousands of fans who are returning to the title just to face the first boss of one of the first updates that will be happening these months to further expand the content of the title.

And let’s remember that during the month of February 2024, Palworld has been one of the most important games, and has broken several records on platforms like Steam. In addition from OcioParaTi we have worked on a complete guide to Palworld.

As we can see from the official Palworld post, it seems that in addition to the first raid boss, we will also have several somewhat more secondary but important content:

You will be able to summon the raid boss using the Altar of Summoning.

  • Bellanoir is the name of the first Palworld raid boss.
  • Improvements in the Pals
  • New soundtrack
  • New rewards
  • New Pals eggs
  • Changes in the bases
  • Performance improvements and rewards.

And this is just the beginning of several updates that will add new challenges to the title. Undoubtedly something that the Palworld community (which numbers in the millions), has been waiting for a long time.