Palworld is an example of what the ID@Xbox program wants to offer developers.


Palworld became one of the first hits of the year. The game developed by Pocket Pair, known for being “the Pokémon with machine guns” achieved a historic milestone, coming very close to being the game that managed to reach the highest number of simultaneous players on Steam. What it did achieve, however, was to become the best debut by a third party company on Xbox Game Pass, an impressive milestone considering the number of big AAAs that have come to Microsoft’s subscription service over the years.

The ID@Xbox program was one of the culprits behind the game’s success, and we talked about it with Guy Richards when we interviewed him. The director of the Xbox program for independent developers was full of praise for Pocket Pair, assuring that “we were super excited about Palworld from the first moment we saw the game”, and stating that the game “fits the ambition of the ID@Xbox program”.

Portada entrevista a Guy Richards ID@Xbox

Guy Richards was full of praise for Palworld, and set it as an example for ID@Xbox to follow.

One of the elements that have allowed Xbox users to be the only ones who have been able to enjoy the game on consoles is that it arrived as part of the Game Previews program. Richards also commented on this, stating that it is a very important element for the studio to receive feedback directly in the development stages, in order to create the best game possible.

This industry is driven by successes like this and I think the success that Palworld had was very unique and fits the ambition of the ID@Xbox program of wanting to give every developer the opportunity to stand out or succeed on the platform.

In this way, the ID@Xbox director wanted to highlight the Pocket Pair game as the example to follow that they want to take from the program’s perspective. In fact, the intention is none other than to try to discover as much talent as possible, in order to bring it to Xbox. To this end, Richards reminded us that at the end of last summer they launched a new online game submission portal, so that they could be considered for Xbox Game Pass without the need for prior contacts.

It is clear that Microsoft is looking for the possibility for independent talent to find a place to shine, and they want the ID@Xbox program to be the best place to do it, offering the possibility to be part of it in increasingly simple ways.