Palworld and its Pals arrive in Minecraft surprising thousands of fans

The Pals are coming to Minecraft. In a turn of events that no one expected, and that again is powered and sponsored by the talent of some players from the Palworld and Minecraft community, we can see Pals in Minecraft.

Determined to dominate the gridded world now owned by Microsoft, the Pals arrive in Minecraft captained by ID3monHunt3rI. This Reddit user has decided to share some photos in which we can see 3 Pals changed universe.

Here you can see our complete guide to Palworld.

I tried to recreate some of the Pals in Minecraft. I didn’t want to do them too big, but on a smaller scale some details are lost. Any feedback is appreciated!
byu/ID3monHunt3rI inPalworld

This fan has taken his time to recreate in a very reliable way, several Pals in the world of Minecraft. It is to appreciate the amount of time that this player has had to take to represent these iconic creatures of the Pocket Pair game, in his world of Minecraft.

Which makes us dream of a future collaboration between the two titles in the future.