Oshi no Ko: Spoilers for chapter 146

Oshi no Ko is one of the most relevant works in the world of anime and manga in recent years, and is that the popular work has managed to get a community of fans that is counted by thousands. That is why we wanted to bring you briefly the first spoilers of the next chapter.

So if you want to be aware of the preview that we are going to offer you about the work of Aka Akasaka. We recommend you not to read the article if you plan to enjoy the manga episode without spoilers.

Oshi no Ko: Spoilers del capĆ­tulo 146

It seems that what has been leaked so far about the episode, places us in a meeting between Ruby and her father, Hikaru Kamiki. This is one of the most surprising encounters of the entire work as it is the first time that the two cross paths since Oshi no Ko began.

It is also known that with this chapter and its publication there will be a weekly hiatus that will last until the last week of April, so we will have to wait a little longer to read episode 147.