One Punch Man: The cover of manga volume 30 hides a big surprise

The One Punch Man manga, specifically the cover of volume 30, hides a big surprise for fans of the work. Yusuke Murata may have surprised all the readers of the manga again with a new piece that leaves us with our mouths wide open.

If something is indisputable on the part of One Punch Man is that it has one of the most complete and technical art and designs that we currently have in the world of art composition, manga and animation. And it is something that is very much appreciated.

Here you have the cover of volume 30 of the One Punch Man manga:

One Punch Man: La portada del volumen 30 del manga esconder铆a una gran sorpresa

Everyone has begun to make their own guesses, and is that while the cover design is of excellent quality, as is customary in this work, many fans have been surprised to see how Saitama is in the middle of the design in a somewhat “irrelevant” way.

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Almost as if the author wanted to tell us that the protagonism of this part of the manga is not going to fall on the shoulders of our protagonist. Something that many fans will see with good eyes, while others will be more reluctant.

Be that as it may, the surprise may be that Saitama will have a more secondary role than what we are used to seeing. What do you think? We read you.