One Piece: Here you can read spoilers of chapter 1109 of the manga

This week, One Piece manga leaks have had us on the edge of our seats. It turns out that the first spoilers came out a few days ago, but chapter 1109 was reluctant to be fully revealed. Could it be that the secret police are working overtime to stop piracy? It seems so, as more pages have been downloaded.

Discover One Piece manga spoilers, chapter 1109

Chapter 1109 slips through the net like a ninja through the night. What’s in store for us on Egghead Island – a showdown between Luffy and Kizaru? Or maybe Vegapunk will reveal something interesting?

  • Chapter 1109 of One Piece brings us back to the “cover stories” with Onigashima sinking to the depths of Wano.
  • The Vegapunk rebroadcast kicks off an informal chat between Shaka and Stella, in which they wonder how they might go about getting their show uncensored or suffering from some disconnection.

  • In the end they consider that the best solution is to take advantage of the Navy’s lines to get everywhere and wait 10 minutes for the civilians to get their video Den Den Mushi ready.
  • Gorosei despairs upon hearing this and tries to stop Vegapunk’ s broadcast.
  • It is also revealed that Saturn has the ability to communicate with the other four elders through something like telepathy.
  • Afterwards, Oda-sensei offers several panels in which we see people’s reactions to the Vegapunk video on different sides of the planet:
    – Rebecca, Kyros and Leo in Dressrosa.
    – The mayor of Villa Foosha.
    – Iceberg and his assistant Alice in Water Seven.
    – Morgans, Vivi and Wapol at the World Economy Journal headquarters.
    – Inhabitants of North Blue, South Blue and West Blue.
    – Ivankov, Sabo, Koala, Karasu, Dragon and the rest of the Revolutionaries in the Kamabakka Kingdom.
  • On the other hand, Saturn and Kizaru attack Luffy, but he easily dodges them and counterattacks with a new move called “Gomu Gomu no Booming Dawn Cymbal”. This blow causes the enemies to end up oppressed, and Luffy takes advantage to spin them around and send them flying into the sea.
  • Kizaru crashes into a Navy ship, but Saturn takes advantage of the rotation to make a counterattack. Realizing that time is running out, Saturn shouts that he will “Perform the summoning”.

One Piece: Aqu铆 puedes leer spoilers del cap铆tulo 1109 del manga

Chapter 1109 ends with a panel in which we see four dark lightning bolts and summoning circles. The entire Gorosei is about to gather at Egghead to finish them all off.

When is the 1109th chapter of the One Piece manga released?

The release of One Piece 1109 is scheduled for next Sunday, March 3 at 16:00 (Spain). Once it is available you will be able to read it for free, in Spanish and legally, from Manga Plus.