One of the great assets of the Xbox catalog assures to have the development under control. State of Decay 3 does not seem to have any problems in its development.


After a turbulent week at Xbox, it was arguably necessary to be able to have some kind news. Although the truth is that it’s not news that offers us much more than a simple statement. State of Decay 3 doesn’t seem to have any problems in its development, and although speculation due to the lack of information might suggest otherwise, the studio assures us that everything is going “very, very well”.

Needing to shed some light for what is to come, and in a year that seemed to promise great joys for the Xbox community, it has had to be Jez Corden who has sought to give some hope to those who see clouds that do not clear in the future of the publisher.

Una de las grandes bazas del catálogo de Xbox asegura tener el desarrollo controlado. State of Decay 3 no parece tener ningún problema en su desarrollo.

Despite the lack of information, new indications suggest that State of Decay 3 does not seem to have any problems in its development.

In the usual podcast in which he participates, the Windows Central journalist wanted to address some issues of the future of Xbox and, among them, is one of the most anticipated games by survival game lovers. The Undead Labs game has not always been in the news for positive issues, being an ambitious and expensive development for a studio with fairly limited resources. A game of which much is known about its concept, which will run on Unreal Engine 5, but has not given too much information about the product.

As we have commented, this usually allows those who live on speculation to speak for better or worse. And it is not that the news seemed positive until now, that Corden has assured that from the studio they are confident about the work done and its evolution in the marked roadmap. According to the journalist, “I heard that State of Decay 3 is doing very, very well and it looks very, very, very good”, backing up other information that points to the Perfect Dark project not having the same luck.

But we’re back to business as usual. They are people who many times say what they want to say to reassure the people who follow them. It cannot be said that they lie, neither that they tell the truth, and in this occasion, they seem to have nothing more than the intention of clearing the uncertainty that there is on the projects that Xbox has in march. It could be a long wait until the June events if the situation continues like this.

We will have to wait, and hopefully not as long as June 9, to know the real situation of the current projects of Xbox Games Studios. An event in which we could see State of Decay 3, even the aforementioned Perfect Dark. The candidates to arrive are a long list of games that, although they were presented, have hardly thrown information for us to know what to expect.