Nomura and Square-Enix are already preparing their next “great saga” of Kingdom Hearts for the next years


Tetsuya Nomura is a creative and director who has given us great things, wonderful and well worked in terms of video games but has also been involved in several controversies because of himself and his eagerness to deceive the player on more than one occasion. He was removed from Final Fantasy XV for trying to do the same thing he was doing with Kingdom Hearts for about 15 years, and it was such a humiliation for him that he dedicated a whole section of filler to his vision of FFXV in Kingdom Hearts 3, to such an extent that it has remained “there the thing” as a wink without completing much more what he wanted to say.

After the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, which according to Nomura was going to be the last of the Xehanorth arc, the saga has received a downloadable content, a new video game for consoles and a new video game for mobiles, not to mention that Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link and Kingdom Hearts 4 were announced. In total five new stories after the theoretical final, and we should also count the new news of a new Disney adaptation based on the saga.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will be part of the main saga.

This is speculation on our part but it is that we know how Nomura works with Kingdom Hearts and we know that a video game as big as it looks, is going to be part of the main saga just as it happened with Kingdom Hearts χ, which many when they got to play Kingdom Hearts 3 were lost for not knowing what it was despite having religiously played all the video games on every platform that was released for 17 consecutive years.

We know that Kingdom Hearts 4 will feature Unreal Engine 5 and rumors suggest that the release date along with a new trailer will arrive this year, to give us more details and more clarity to the matter, but despite knowing that Kingdom Hearts 4 would not be the end of the saga either, what we did not know is that Nomura seems to be preparing his new amalgam of works to be consumed in different media related to the main saga. Although, finally, after more than eleven spin-offs, it is normal that the main saga is absolutely everything and the concept of spin-off with Kingdom Hearts is completely ambiguous and meaningless.

Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts, a half-reality

Although we can see specifically at minute 0:36 for a single second what appears to be a foot of an AT-ST in the Endor scenario of Star Wars, the problem with this Kingdom Hearts 4 Teaser Trailer that was released two years ago by the official Kingdom Hearts YouTube account for the 20th anniversary of the saga, is that there may be things discarded as happened at the time with several post-credits scenes and secret endings of the saga in the past.

Although Disney and Square-Enix have a good relationship and we will surely end up seeing not only Star Wars but also The Avengers in Kingdom Hearts if the saga continues as it seems it will continue, we don’t know how long it will take to see it and those few seconds of Endor will be discarded for this installment.

Obviously we will also see some of the more modern and successful animated movies in Kingdom Hearts such as Vaiana/Moana, Soul, Frozen, Backwards or some others that we forget. What terrifies us a little but we have to be prepared is that Missing-Link finally has a new version in the future, more complete and adding more story, surely some Remastered version and even a second part, and for better or worse to play Kingdom Hearts 4 we will have to checkout with these deliveries to not miss all the references and part of the story.

And is that, if they were only references, nothing would happen, but the problem with Kingdom Hearts 3 which was released in 2019, is that even playing several spin-offs and the main installments, as you have not played all the spin-offs, you missed things of the story, to such an extent that you did not know which characters appeared on screen, and you had only stopped playing two video games.

In Square-Enix saw what was coming and that’s why they made several videos summarizing the saga to clarify all this before the arrival of Kingdom Hearts 3 and that no one missed the story for this installment. With more reason it seemed the end of the saga but finally we have seen how everything has ended and… Kingdom Hearts looks like it will not end as long as it continues to be bought, Tetsuya Nomura is still alive and Square-Enix continues to maintain relations with Disney.