Nintendo Switch 2 could have GTA 6 in its catalog: This is what we know

The world of video games is about to enjoy a new era in the making. Nintendo Switch 2 couldhave GTA 6 in its catalog in the future. Remember that we are temporarily calling the successor console to Nintendo Switch, whose official name is still unknown.

That said, we do know that the work of Rockstar Games for PS5 and Xbox Series could end up coming to the future console of the Big N, in a move that would be historic and would surprise millions of players around the world.

What makes us think this?

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, and while this image is a great teaser for Nintendo of America, it could also be a great teaser for Nintendo Switch. Gio Corsi joins the Triple A game management team for Nintendo.

Thus making it possible that the Switch’s successor will end up hosting major PS5 or Xbox titles in the near future. The intention would therefore be to forge lasting partnerships to further expand the catalog of games, and even GTA 6 could come to the console.

We know that saying this is “dreaming” big, but it is something that at this time is NOT impossible. Would you like to see Rockstar’ s game on Switch even in an adapted and special version? It would be a great change for the Big N.