Ninja Kamui: Here you can watch Chapter 10 and its release schedule.

Ninja Kamui is one of the biggest hits of 2024. We are already close to enjoy its tenth episode. And the fact is that the work that is in the catalog of HBO Max and the director of Jujutsu Kaisen, has managed to fall in love with thousands of fans around the world.

Not long ago we were able to enjoy chapter number 9 and in a matter of days we will have the next one. If you want to continue immersing yourself more in the story that Ninja Kamui has prepared for us, you will have to pay attention to the release schedule of the next chapter. It also has several surprises in store.

Ninja Kamui Chapter 10 premiere timetable

  • Spain – 19:30h
  • Mexico – 12:30h
  • Colombia – 13:30h
  • Venezuela – 14:30h
  • Chile – 3:30pm
  • Argentina – 3:30pm

*In addition, the series can be enjoyed right now on HBO Max. You will need to have a subscription to the service*.

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Currently, the series is enjoying great popularity on HBO, and outside the platform as well, as it is managing to bring together a community of viewers increasingly extensive and eager to actively participate in the future of the series.

For the adaptation of the first part of Season 1 of the series has recently come to an end. Although we have a Season 2 confirmed.