New Xbox X Series model leaked: Specifications, dates and pricing

Recently we have seen how a leak has emerged that would have given supposed information of what would be a new model of Xbox X Series. The hardware plans that the Microsoft-owned company has for this year, would have been uncovered if we take as a series and almost official, this leak.

In fact, in the leaks that have been shared on networks and in some international media and portals, we can see that this new model of Xbox X Series would be totally digital. This will make its sale cost cheaper if we take into account the price of the original console with disc reader.

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According to the leaks, the total price would be between 50 and 100€ lower than the original Xbox Series X. So it would be around €450 or €500. In fact it is more than likely that if this information is true, we will see an announcement of the console for this summer of 2024.

These are some of the specifications that this version of the console would have:

  • New heat sink to regulate the temperature of the console.
  • New Nexus chip.
  • An unpublished color design. It is speculated that the console would look with white tones.

So this news for Xbox fans must be a real breath of fresh air, right?