New Xbox game would be 8-player co-op and incredibly detailed

This new Xbox game that has been rumored in the green community and in certain sectors of the gaming press, has made us investigate it and make our own guesses. This title comes from a partnership between Xbox Studios and Avalanche, creators of Mad Max and Hogwarts Legacy among others.

The Xbox exclusive video game would be called Contraband, and would even have an 8-player cooperative mode. Both in its Xbox Series and PC version. Because as we well know, all Xbox titles also have their version and compatibility with PC, as they usually belong to Microsoft.

Contraband is still in an early stage of development, so all the information that is now reaching us of this supposed title, could be subject to certain changes and modifications. But it is certainly very interesting to see some of the plans of the green platform in the future.

Contraband would be a unique game based in 1970s Malaysia. Where different cultures and religions live together in a diverse environment riddled with rural areas, forests and smugglers. In the game cooperation will be essential to uncover secrets and overcome threats. The enemy AI will also be very advanced and our goal will be to get high-value objects, and defend high-interest objective for the future of the organization and the progress of the game itself.