New trailer for Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic with its release date


The first installment Hidden Through Time launched in the year 2020 as a very cute video game where we have to find objects and solve puzzles to discover the history of mankind. This is how the game was defined by Rogueside studio from its official synopsis, and marketed at a reduced price that you can see right here in the Xbox Store Spain. The game was focused more for all audiences, including children, and with its beautiful and childish art design invited you to enjoy it.

Also more adults and, we suppose, achievement hunters who do not forgive any video game of this type, will find a relaxing experience playing Hidden Through Time, and that can now happen again with its second part, which will arrive next January 25 on Xbox with the installment titled Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic.

Now more stories have been added and although the game concept is the same, it promises a few surprises on a playable level that was missing in the original Hidden Through Time.

Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic now allows you to create your own worlds and share them.

Specifically as you have already seen, the date is January 25, where we can play this second part for now without any additional downloadable content (DLC) as it did in the original installment, which had the downloadable content of Rome, the Vikings and the history of Japan.

Now as a novelty Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic will offer you to create your own worlds, share them and be part of the community with players from all over the world, making the number of puzzles and worlds as infinite as the human creativity of the community shares them.

It is really worth recommending the first installment for any Xbox One console and for the children of the household since this second installment will only be available for Xbox Series S|X. You can purchase Hidden Through Time through the Xbox Store Spain along with its DLCs through this link. In addition, due to the new function of sharing our worlds, we do not know if it will be recommended for all audiences what the community can create.

Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic will be available next January 25 on Xbox S|X Series and you can add it to your wishlist from the Xbox Store through this link. Unfortunately this second part will not be available for Xbox One consoles of any kind, only existing the first installment of Hidden Through Time.

This video game is especially recommended for children at home but because now the community will be able to create their worlds, we do not know to what extent it will be advisable (for now) to recommend this second installment for children at home. We will have to wait to see the customization options and possible bans and limits of the second installment.