New speculation seeks to put a face to Far Cry 7 villain


There is not much information about Far Cry 7 and almost all of it is speculation and alleged leaks. And we have a new one in which they are looking to put a face to the villain of Far Cry 7. According to a user, this character of the next Ubisoft shooter would be played by actor Cillian Murphy, giving some continuity to that approach that already started in Far Cry 6 with Giancarlo Esposito.

Far Cry villains have had great relevance since the appearance of Vaas Montenegro in Far Cry 3 and have been fundamental in the promotion of the games and the presentation of the story. In addition, they are often instrumental in grounding a story that has great relevance to the game.

Nuevas especulaciones buscan poner rostro al villano de Far Cry 7

The Far Cry 7 villain formula is repeated, opting for a renowned actor.

And according to information providedon X by j0nathan, Cillian Murphy will play the main villain in Far Cry 7. An information that seems to go beyond the discovery of this celebrity as an actor playing such an important role in such an established saga. The set of images published by this streamer try to connect certain concepts to intuit the information he intends to give.

And the truth is that the clearest of all is the 7 of Far Cry installment and the presence of Cillian Murphy, who is a very recognizable actor and who seems to be the candidate to become the villain of Far Cry 7. It may be that this speculation may have to do with what we have quoted about the promotion itself, or the intention of the studio to maintain that narrative base of its proposal. A proposal that, in the first information that was managed, spoke of a proposal where the player will have to make decisions and go against the clock to be able to free different members of his family .

It is something that could be related to that image of the bomb with a stopwatch, knowing that it is one of the aspects that we must consider, like others that made reference to possible novelties that will come to the game. Some may think that the presence of Cillian Murphy as a candidate to be the villain of Far Cry 7 may be conditioned by the relevance that this actor has for his last important role in the hit Oppenheimer, knowing that we have also seen him in other productions such as Peaky Blinders or the villain in Nolan’s Batman Begins, playing the Scarecrow. In other words, he knows how to play a villain in an outstanding way.

Nuevas especulaciones buscan poner rostro al villano de Far Cry 7

But all of this remains up in the air despite the fact that this leaker has proven in the past that he can nail Ubisoft products pretty well. We can give him the benefit of the doubt, knowing that we have to wait for Ubisoft to solve all these questions about what they are preparing around Far Cry 7. We could have news in the next Ubisoft Forward, scheduled for June 10, in which we will surely have information about future projects of this company.