New skins in Genshin Impact 4.4: Ganyu, Shenhe and Xingqiu

The players of Genshin Impact are anticipating exciting new features in version 4.4, according to leaks revealing skins for Ganyu, Shenhe and Xingqiu. Although it has not been officially confirmed when they will be available, the images of Ganyu in particular have generated excitement in the community.

Kovak, shared the leaks which include promotional art of Ganyu’s skin and a lower quality image showing all three characters with their new skins. Anticipation among gamers has been growing, as it has long been rumored that certain characters would receive skins, but these leaks offer a more concrete look.

Nuevas skins en Genshin Impact 4.4: Ganyu, Shenhe y Xingqiu

Nuevas skins en Genshin Impact 4.4: Ganyu, Shenhe y Xingqiu

Ganyu, being a popular character, has generated a lot of interest with his new look. The visual quality and aesthetic design of Shenhe’s skin has also caught the attention of the community. These skins are expected to be available in future updates, although it has not yet been confirmed whether it will be in version 4.4 or later releases.

The leaks have sparked speculation about how players will be able to obtain these skins. While the Xingqiu one is possibly linked to free events , the conditions for the others remain unconfirmed. The uncertainty over the availability of these skins has generated anticipation and debate in the community, as fans eagerly await the upcoming updates to Genshin Impact.

With version 4.4 just around the corner, players eagerly await the official reveal of these new skins and other additions that will enrich the gameplay experience in the world of Teyvat.