New Palworld update features balance changes and major Xbox fixes


The next update to Palworld for Xbox, version, is coming with major fixes and the addition of more virtual cops, according to the full patch notes. That patch is expected to fix issues such as Pals getting trapped around your base, improve Digtoise performance, and make significant adjustments to save issues. Although it does not introduce new content, this update promises to improve the gameplay experience for Palworld&;s extensive player base.

Notable fixes include the inability to back up save data on the world selection screen and resolving issues with unnecessary accumulated save data. Full support for key configuration on the keyboard is also implemented. Below we will take a closer look at the main new features.

Details of Palworld for Xbox update

Starting with the most important, the game mechanics, changes have been made to the &;attack aggressively&; instruction to allow Pals to attack enemies indiscriminately, even if they are not in combat. Fixed issues related to the sudden increase in experience that prevented Pals from learning active skills upon reaching level 50 instantly.

Regarding the player base, issues such as Pals getting stuck in specific locations have been addressed and measures have been taken to prevent Pals from wandering around the boundary of the base area. In addition, building restrictions for stairs and triangular roofs have been significantly relaxed.

In terms of game balance, Digtoise&;s mining power has been significantly strengthened and the excessively high selling price of nails has been adjusted. The number of cops that appear when a crime is committed has also been significantly increased, and an electric shock effect has been added to the Free Pal Alliance&;s crossbow.

And on the networking options, the server lobby has been revamped, allowing search by server name and display of online players on dedicated servers. The update also addresses minor issues, fixes textual errors and improves anti-fraud measures.

Palworld update is available now on Steam and will arrive on Xbox as soon as it is approved by Microsoft. The title continues its successful journey under the Game Preview program, which will last about a year. In just one month of life it has managed to gather more than 25 million players. You will find the full patch notes in this official post.