New game from former Mass Effect developer Exodus features options that take place over ‘decades’


It’s been a while since Archetype Entertainment was founded to keep alive the concept of games that Bioware exploited years ago. Now, they are developing a game that goes by the name of Exodus and this new game from the former Mass Effect developer includes options that will bring back the Bioware formula, where they are looking to expand it to new heights. In fact, in one of their latest updates, it is reported that they will cover options that take place over ‘decades’.

And all this is accompanied by a cinematic trailer, which exposes that Exodus aims to be a game that will bring back what Bioware has not been able to maintain for its Mass Effect saga. A game that, as confirmed in its presentation, will also come to Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 5 and PC consoles.

The new game from the former Mass Effect developer, Exodus, includes options that will bring back the Bioware formula.

The truth is that attending to this trailer, we can see that there is much in common with Bioware’s space saga. But it seems to be exposed to those moments that the Mass Effect saga never knew how to work, the discovery and expansion of humans throughout the galaxy, being a powerful argument that seems to give life to Exodus. But most important of all, the new game from the former Mass Effect developer, Exodus, includes options that will bring back the Bioware formula and take it to a new level.

We have even seen some news that already speak of this studio as a kind of Bioware 2.0. And it has veterans like James Ohlen and Drew Karpyshyn. Ohlen, best known for his role as lead designer of the first two Baldur’s Gate games, the original Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age: Origins, and Karpyshyn for being the lead writer on Mass Effect 1 and 2. Obviously, this is already an attraction for fans of Bioware and its games, but the studio itself says that they are looking for this adventure to evolve the formula that led that studio to success.

They want to push the limits. Through their Youtube channel they have been offering very extensive information about concept and development, without having yet transcended too much about the gameplay, or offering any clue of its release. But they do state that they are looking for Exodus to have multiple endings as Mass Effect does, but these endings will be affected by time dilation. Meaning that players will be able to make decisions that will span years, decades and centuries.

Everything points to the fact that this is because Exodus could be a game that embraces that space exploration, as proposed by its tagline, “Become the traveler.” From there, the consequences of our actions will go in conjunction with the concept of spacetime, as that principle of time dilation focuses on exposing how time is perceived between different perspectives. And it gives the feeling that this could have as its central axis what is perceived from earth to exploration and decision making beyond those trips in space.

In a way, everything points to the fact that, in addition to being inspired by the principles that Bioware carried out, they would have taken references from stories, such as the one Christopher Nolan developed for the movie Interestellar. In fact, an interesting news is that the actor of that movie, Matthew McConaughey, will also be part of this project.

There is no doubt that this project should be closely watched. Not only because this studio has the conceptual basis, but also because it has the members that once made us dream and enjoy games that will last throughout the years. For more information, you can take a look at their official Exodus website. We will wait for information that can officially unveil a release date.