New execution for the Peacekeeper now available in For Honor


For Honor is the war game of battles and siege set in the medieval period that manages to mix various types of warriors and factions among its ranks to fight each other. With more than 30 factions and heroes available, players have a lot of variety to choose from whether to be a Viking, Samurai, Afeera, Knight, Celt, Valkyrie, Tiandi, Nuxia, Shaolin and many other types of warriors inspired by real historical warriors . The video game already has more than 35 million registered players and is currently in a good state.

With the release of its year 8 and its roadmap to 2024, For Honor is aiming over the next few months to add a couple of new heroes and factions as well as continuing to add content each week. This week’s content includes a new execution for the Peacekeeper as well as the outfit of the legendary Ezio Auditore from the Assassin’s Creed saga which is now available to all players.

As every week, new weekly content for For Honor

For Honor has an impressive playable mix that has made many players can not stop playing, to all this we must add that the Arcade mode, exclusive for four years for players who paid early access at the time, and now comes available to all players of For Honor. A mode that mixes MMORPG elements with team system classified by rarity as well as cooperative content “Similar to horde mode” that is very addictive, challenging and is very successful overall.

You can get For Honor by being a member of Ubisoft+ or member of the Xbox Game Pass, as well as you can also buy it from this link in the digital store of Xbox Espa帽a.