New Dragon&;s Dogma 2 gameplay introduces new vocation: illusionist


Capcom seems to be clear that Dragon&; Dogma 2 is the studio&;s most important project for the beginning of the year 2024. With a release getting closer and closer, the Japanese continue to offer constant information about the title. On this occasion, they have shared a new gameplay of Dragon&;s Dogma 2 in which they have focused on presenting one of the many vocations that we will find in the title: the illusionist.

This gameplay has been recorded by the people of IGN, where they have shown us in great detail how the illusionist&;s vocation will work. The media highlights that this is something never seen before in an open world game of this type. The reason is none other than its peculiar gameplay system, since the illusionist is a practically pacifist character, whose weapon is a ceremonial censer that hardly does any damage to enemies.

The new Dragon&;s Dogma 2 gameplay introduces us to the Illusionist.

But then, what is the purpose of the character? Well, according to what IGN shared, the Illusionist is in charge of luring enemies to the place we want by making use of the ability known as Suffocating Shroud, which launches a smoke signal in a wide range to lure them towards us. In addition, by using an ability known as &;Effigial Incense&;, we will create a double of ourselves, which will have its own health bar, and with which we can swap whenever we want, as long as it is still alive.

Therefore, it seems clear that the Illusionist&;s vocation is intended to play in groups with our friends, since making use of a class that only serves to attract enemies to a certain area, depending exclusively on the allied AI, can become something not recommended. However, when playing with friends, it can be a perfect class to create really varied situations.