Naruto live-action has new director and has surprised many

The Naruto live-action is one of the projects that fans of the anime world and the franchise itself are looking forward to seeing after so many years of waiting. In fact, a few days ago we had a preview of what we could expect thanks to the English dubber of Naruto, who left some interesting statements.

The best characters of Naruto.

Well, it seems that the project is still at an early stage, as the Naruto live-action has a new director and this change has surprised some, as we thought that the film had some progress in shooting or at least in construction of script, characters, and so on.

Destin Daniel Cretton will work on the direction and script of the Naruto live-action movie .

Masashi Kishimoto is completely convinced that this man is the ideal one to carry out the Naruto live-action. In fact the mangaka left the following statements in this regard:

&;After meeting Destin, I found him to be an open-minded person who had every intention of listening to my ideas, and I quickly felt that we would be able to work together in the production process&;.