More details emerge on Star Wars: Outlaws, the game dreamed by many fans of the franchise


After a year 2023 that has been loaded with great releases, many expect 2024 to have a similar level to last year. It is true that it is still too early to tell whether this new year will see games of the caliber of Baldur&;s Gate 3, Starfield or Alan Wake 2, among many others. However, the truth is that there are games that seem to be really promising, such as Star Wars: Outlaws.

The game developed by Ubisoft Massive, creators of The Division franchise, promises to finally offer the experience that many fans of the franchise have been waiting for several years: to put us in the shoes of a bounty hunter. The title managed to dazzle last summer thanks to a gameplay that seemed to lay the groundwork for what we can expect from the game in the future, something that has been talked about in more detail in recent days.

After confirming that the game&;s release window is planned for the end of this year, we have been able to learn new details about Star Wars: Outlaws. This time it has been Kotaku that has made a new article related to the title, sharing information about what we can expect from what will undoubtedly be one of the great games of this year, or at least one of the most anticipated.

Get to know all the details of Star Wars: Outlaws

Specifically, some details that we already knew during the presentation of the game, such as its premise, have been reaffirmed. In Star Wars: Outlaws we will take control of Kay, a young bounty hunter who will try to make a name for herself in the profession, for which she will have no problem cheating, stealing or swindling both ordinary people and members of the Hampa.

The game will be set in a time that occurs between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, allowing us to go to known locations within the saga as Tatooine, Avika and Kimji, as well as see classic characters like Jabba the Hut, which will also be one of the main protagonists of the title, as it will be one of the characters that will give us missions to perform.

Another of the great details of Star Wars: Outlaws is the variety that we will find in its gameplay. The game will offer us the possibility to advance on foot through the different locations, move with a hovercraft or control our spaceship. In addition, it is confirmed that there will be a great variety of locations, with large cities full of people, open environments and with a large amount of land, as well as a space that will be explorable by Key.

Finally, one of the most interesting details confirmed by Kotaku is the game&;s faction system. By working with different unions, we will be able to improve our reputation in them, which will not only serve to have better jobs and rewards, but will also directly affect the story.