Modern Warfare 3: A new weapon that will forever change the multiplayer experience

Modern Warfare 3 and its new game mode, brings fresh air to the multiplayer experience of Activision’s new title. If you are a fan of the zombie mode line in Call of Duty, you will undoubtedly recognize this new weapon and this original mode that has been added to the title along with an incredible and legendary weapon.

In fact we are talking about the Ray Gun, a mythical weapon that has been present in the zombie mode of Call of Duty for years, and that has earned its fame and renown due to its great power and the ease with which it would allow us to face waves of enemies.

The Ray Gun will be able to kill enemies with a single shot in Modern Warfare 3, and has been added to the all versus all game mode. In fact this news has surprised and caused some impotence in some players, who have complained that the weapon kills with one shot.

This would be an incredible advantage on the battlefield and in combat against other players. But this weapon has a peculiarity. For if you kill the player who carries it, then you will be able to use it. And so on.