Minecraft player discovers how many wolves it takes to kill a Warden

This Minecraft player has set himself the goal of discovering how many wolves it takes to kill a Warden. For those who don&https://digitalnewsweb.net/wp-content/cache/background-css/digitalnewsweb.net/?wpr_t=17135075548217;t know, it is one of the most powerful monsters currently in the game. The Minecraft community never ceases to amaze us.

Well, after having made a meticulous study to discover the answer to this unknown, this Minecraft player wanted to share with the rest of players and fans, the results, and the truth is that it has no waste:

It takes 19 armored wolves to kill a warden
byu/BrunoGoldbergFerro inMinecraft

As we can see in the publication, it takes a total of 19 armored wolves to kill a Warden. And yet the fight goes on so long, that at times we think the wolves may be defeated, due to the sheer amount of offensive power and stamina the Warden has.

An encounter worth seeing if you are a fan of Minecraft and you were interested in knowing curious aspects like this.