Minecraft player creates the Celestial Islands from Tears of the Kingdom and the result is stunning

Zelda and Minecraft have merged thanks again to the talent of a community of players willing to bring us truly magnificent creations. A few days ago it was a whole solar system, today it was the Celestial Islands of Tears of the Kingdom.

And the result has been really impressive, sweeping among players and fans of both titles. And becoming undoubtedly one of the most successful creations made by the community these weeks in the world of Minecraft:

I have just published my mod inspired by TOTK, feedback is appreciated
byu/LikeTsl002 inMinecraft

It should be noted that the amount of time and effort that has to be invested to create such a work, is really worthy of praise. For it is thanks to these players and their creative and imaginative quality, that we can bring you such spectacular news for fans of Minecraft and The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.