Minecraft could receive a native version for PS5

Minecraft continues to be an unstoppable phenomenon, and could receive a native PS5 version. Despite its ubiquity on nearly every gaming platform, one notable absence has been the lack of a native version for the PlayStation 5.

While Minecraft can currently be played on PS5 through backwards compatibility with the PS4 version, players are unable to enjoy console-specific enhancements such as instant loading. But it looks like this could change soon. The Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, known for tracking movements on the PlayStation Store, posted a cryptic tweet with a green tick next to the words “PS5 Version,” suggesting the possible arrival of a native version of Minecraft for the PS5.

This news has excited fans of the game, who are eagerly awaiting official confirmation. If it materializes, it would mean a significant improvement for PlayStation players, giving them a smoother and more optimized experience. In the meantime, Minecraft remains available on a wide range of platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, iOS and Android.