Microsoft Rewards: all program changes

The Microsoft Rewards program, which rewards users for various activities, has recently undergone pricing changes, generating dissatisfaction among users. While the program offers the ability to earn rewards for playing games and completing missions, including discounts in the Xbox store, users have noticed an increase in the number of points needed to redeem certain rewards, especially prepaid cards.

Some countries, such as Canada, Australia and Norway, have seen a decrease in the prices of certain rewards, but in most countries, prices have increased.

  • 2 euro prepaid card: 1,860 points to 2,610.
  • 5 prepaid card: 4,650 points to 5,440.
  • 10 euro prepaid card: 9 ,300 points to 10,880.

These changes are in addition to a number of adjustments Microsoft has implemented in the Rewards program, which has made it more difficult for users to earn points. Previously, missions granted more rewards, but over time, these have been reduced, leading to frustration among players.

Previous and current prices show a significant increase in the number of points needed to redeem prepaid cards, reflecting a general trend. Despite user complaints, Microsoft is likely to maintain these prices, considering its history of reducing rewards.