Microsoft Rewards adds new bonus streak to Xbox Rewards Hub


Last week, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Microsoft Rewards app would disappear completely, making way for the new Hub, known as Xbox Rewards Center. This change will be effective starting next April, which will kick off in just one week, putting an end to one of the elements that the community has loved the most since the Microsoft Rewards program was implemented: the weekly streaks.

However, this new application will have an alternative to the weekly streak. In fact, the latest update of the program has already been implemented, and we can see how the Microsoft Rewards Center on Xbox X|S Series and Xbox One offers a new weekly streaks, which we can find by going into the dedicated tab of our profile.

Racha semanal Microsoft Rewards

The weekly streaks will still be present in the Microsoft Rewards program.

As we can see in the image, these new weekly streaks of Microsoft rewards can be tracked through the Xbox mobile app, but also for the one available on PC. Specifically, the streak requires you to play an Xbox game through your console on five different days, adding to the daily streak of &;play a game on console&;. Importantly, we will need to complete this streak before each Monday, as it will be at this point that it will be fully reset.

Upon completing this new weekly streak, we will receive 250 Microsoft Rewards points. However, as we can see in the screenshot, in our case the reward grows to 275 points for being subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. According to Microsoft, the change that has been made responds to the users&; request to simplify the Microsoft Rewards experience, in order to offer the best user experience possible. Of course, Redmond is working on balancing the rewards again, to prevent players from being harmed by the recent nerfing of the program.