Microsoft reportedly considering releasing several Xbox exclusives on other platforms


Xbox (and any console) exclusives are one of the elements that bring differential value to the platform. The debate about whether this type of practice should continue to exist has appeared on numerous occasions, creating disagreement among users, especially among the most hardcore of a particular platform, and now it has come up again. Without going any further, at the end of last week it was leaked the possibility of Microsoft bringing Hi-Fi Rush to Nintendo Switch, which would mean a new departure from the catalog of Xbox exclusives to the advantage of another rival platform.

However, according to the latest reports(via Windows Central) it seems that Microsoft’s intention to bring Xbox exclusives to other platforms would not end with the Tango Gameworks-developed title. In recent hours leaks have appeared that indicate that the intention of the Redmond would continue to expand some of its sagas to other platforms, as for example has recently happened with As Dusk Falls, which will reach PlayStation consoles during the next spring.

Xbox exclusives could be coming to other platforms

Joining the different leaks that have appeared in recent days, it seems that Redmond has a clear strategy with this decision. As we have learned, this would affect the most recent Xbox exclusives, especially those that have not yet made a name for themselves among fans, with the intention of further expanding their popularity, and launching the next installments exclusively on their systems.

That is, if we listen to this information, sagas like Halo, Gears of War, Forza or Fable would continue to be released exclusively within the Xbox ecosystem. However, some others such as Hi-Fi RUSH, Pentiment and others of lesser relevance could reach other systems to try to attract audiences, and subsequently launch a potential sequel exclusively for Xbox.

A case that could be equated to this hypothetical situation would be The Outer Worlds 2. After the purchase of Obsidian, it was announced that the sequel to its space RPG would be exclusive to Xbox, after the first installment also came to PlayStation consoles. In this way, the Redmond would intend to plant the seed of different franchises on other platforms, to reap the results in the future with sequels that would only be available to Xbox users. There is no doubt that it is a risky move, but if it goes well, it could be a coup for Microsoft.