Microsoft is suspending users from the Xbox network because of its offensive content policy.


Xbox gamers are reporting and warning the community that they are being suspended from the platform’s online gaming service (Xbox Network) after sharing clips from Baldur’s Gate 3 that included nudity, despite claiming it was unintentional. This incident highlights Xbox’s content policies and the consequences of sharing material that may be considered offensive.

Baldur’s Gate 3, released on Xbox Series X|S on December 7, is known for being highly inclusive and including nudity and sex scenes. Some players have shared (accidentally or not) clips from the game featuring nude characters, which has led to a 365-day suspension under Xbox’s Xbox’s “strikes” policy.. According to Xbox community guidelines, sharing game clips that may offend others can lead to restrictions and suspensions.

byu/Daddy-Vegas inBaldursGate3

Is the Xbox network content policy too strict?

As you saw in the alert above these lines, gamer and Reddit user Big Daddy LV used Xbox’s recording feature to capture racy scenes at the camp. Having recorded three separate clips of the same scene, the “three strikes” policy was triggered three times , resulting in the lengthy suspension.

The user claims that his intention was not to share them publicly, but only with his brother. However, due to the console’s default settings, the clips were automatically uploaded to the Xbox network. Big Daddy LV hopes that the appeals process will rectify the situation, but lamented that the suspension prevents him from playing any game that requires a network connection, and that it came without a prior message warning against such actions.

The Reddit community has reacted in support of the gamer, questioning Xbox’s current Xbox’s current policy and suggesting that recorded content in an 18+ title should indicate that it is only suitable for adults and should not be viewed. Some have shared tips to avoid a similar fate, such as saving images and clips to a USB drive rather than uploading them in public spaces.

Big Daddy LV, who to date had an exemplary track record as a gamer, considers the one-year suspension to be far excessive, especially given the ease of uploading clips from a game provided on the Xbox console: “I simply took a screenshot of content presented to me, designed by Larian Studios, in a game that Xbox received my money for.”

Xbox’s decision to protect its community is lawful, but cases like this underscore the importance of clarity and communication in content policies, especially with adult material. Pending a response from Microsoft, Baldur’s Gate 3 players should be cautious about what they display on the Xbox network before capturing, whether intentionally or unintentionally.