Metal Gear Solid DELTA and Silent Hill 2 to arrive in 2024, according to new information


Konami&;s communication team hasn&;t been the best since the company practically abandoned video game development a few years ago, and it&;s something that still lingers to this day. The lack of news that the Japanese studio has offered about some of its current projects has even given rise to rumors of the cancellation of titles such as Silent Hill 2 Remake, something that was later denied by Bloober Team, assuring that the lack of news was solely and exclusively due to Konami.

Both the horror game and Metal Gear Solid DELTA have not received much information in recent months, and once again we have had to turn to sources outside the company itself to learn new details of both games, this time focusing on their release windows. Apparently, both Metal Gear Solid DELTA and Silent Hill 2 Remake will hit the market later this year, as many other rumors have been pointing out previously.

Metal Gear Solid DELTA and Silent Hill 2 to arrive in 2024

Although Konami has not made an official statement on the matter, it was thanks to PlayStation that we have been able to have confirmation of this information. The company has shared a new video showing the games that PlayStation users can expect for this just started 2024. In addition to mentioning games that already have release dates, such as Prince of Persia: The Lost Crow or Tekken 8, there is also a reference to the two games that are the subject of this news.

This information directly affects Xbox fans, at least as far as Metal Gear Solid DELTA is concerned. The game, which is being developed by Virtuos, will arrive simultaneously on both Xbox and PlayStation (as well as PC), so the confirmation of its release window is good news for everyone. The same is not true for Silen Hill 2 Remake, as we must remember that the title will be a temporary PlayStation exclusive, so Xbox users will have to wait a yet to be revealed amount of time to be able to enjoy the game.

Some reports indicate that the temporary exclusivity of Silent Hill 2 Remake is 1 year, so if it is true, the sooner it is released, the better it would be to avoid a long wait. However, and taking into account all of the above, neither of the two games currently has an official release date, so it is possible that the window indicated by PlayStation may undergo some change if necessary.