META will delete Oculus accounts these days: What can we do to avoid losing our data?

META will delete Oculus accounts during the month of March 2024, and the news has not taken long to spread like wildfire, with many users wondering if they will lose all their data, or the way they have to resort to avoid losing them.

The truth is that this topic is somewhat denser than we would like, but relax because in this post we will tell you what steps you have to follow to avoid losing forever the data collected in Oculus. So take note:

META will be deleting Oculus accounts this month, due to a migration being done by Facebook and the big tech companies to new META servers. So if you haven&;t completed the migration yet, there&;s still time.

  • On March 29, META will delete Oculus accounts, at least the ones that haven&;t been migrated.
  • Oculus was founded in 2012 and in 2014 was bought by Facebook. Now the accounts associated with this service will be deleted but our data can be migrated to META.
  • Note that your most important data will not be lost if you complete such migration.
  • This is part of Facebook&;s strategy to forget and leave behind its old name and services like Oculus that were linked to it in the past.

Now everything will be META. Your progress will not disappear, you have to be clear about that. As long as you complete the migration.