Marvel&;s Spider-Man 2: all the news

Marvel&;s Spider-Man 2 is gearing up for its second major update, offering a New Game+ along with new costumes and accessibility features. Insomniac Games details version 1.002 of the game, which will allow players to experience the story on a higher difficulty level, retaining costumes and abilities, as well as replay specific missions.

The sequel will include definitive levels, golden gadget styles and options to customize costumes, such as styles for Peter&;s symbiote. In addition, new costumes will be added such as Marvel&;s Hellfire Gala and Bernard Chang&;s original design for Miles Morales: Spider-Man Photo mode with stickers and Action Figure mode will also be updated.

After completing the Marvel&;s Spider-Man 2 story, players will be able to change the time of day and accessibility enhancements such as audio descriptions and screen reader will be implemented, along with cinematic subtitles and high-contrast outlines.

In addition to these free features, two new costumes, Molón and Fardón, are available for €4.99, with PlayStation donating 100% of the retail price to Gameheads.