Marvel: This is Howard the Duck&;s full name in the MCU

Marvel is one of the most extensive, rich and content-rich universes we have in the world of entertainment. Not only in movies or comics, but also in novels, stories and video games. Well, as big as this universe is, it is logical that sometimes it has many surprises in store for us.

After a long time, we have been able to discover the full name of Howard the Duck. And the truth is that you probably wouldn&;t expect it this way:

Howard the Duck is a Marvel character characterized as an anthropomorphic talking duck, introduced in volume of the 1973 Adventure into Fear comic book. And since then he has enjoyed a certain amount of affection from the community.

His full name, recently unveiled in the Howard the Duck volume (2023), is. Howard Duckson. As we can see in one of the images shared about it:

Marvel: Este es el nombre completo de Howard el Pato en el MCU

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