Mark Hamill refused to say this phrase in A New Hope.

Mark Hamill was confronted with a line he considered complex and ridiculous during the filming of Star Wars IV: A New Hope. The line, which was to be spoken after the destruction of Alderaan, was so baffling that Hamill asked George Lucas to remove it from the script, which eventually happened. The anecdote, shared by Hamill in a 1977 interview, resurfaces now, recalling the actor’s resistance to dialogue that made no sense to him.

The line in question was as follows, “But we can’t go back, fear is their greatest defense, I doubt if the current security system is any better than it was on Aquilae or Sullust and what’s there will surely be heading for a full-scale assault'”

Other cast members also felt disoriented by similar lines. Although Lucas’ original idea was for the line to be spoken quickly and intensely, Hamill argued that it was unnatural and no one would speak that way in that situation. He opted to convince Lucas to remove it, even joking, “People are going to throw tomatoes at us, not you.”

This anecdote shows the meticulous attention Hamill and other cast members devoted to the authenticity of dialogue in a universe as fantastical as Star Wars.