Many people didn’t see it because of The Avengers, but it’s a great sci-fi movie of the last few years: available on Disney+.


Although superhero movies are not going through their best moment (although anyone would sign the numbers they continue to do), in the stellar era of The Avengers, no one could cough up to the superhero group, either in their solo or ensemble adaptations. Many have been the movies that have ended up becoming a commercial failure due to this decision, and one of the big ones affected by trying to fight with Marvel’s golden goose was ‘Tomorrowland’.

No, we are not talking about an adaptation of the famous festival held in Belgium. This movie was a production based on one of the most important areas of Disney’s amusement parks, with the intention of offering a science fiction movie that could compete in visual effects with the most famous superheroes in the world. However, the final result was a complete commercial failure.

Tomorrowland is a good science fiction film that was undermined by The Avengers.

The film had a really high budget, which caused it to not even cover the expenses, with losses of between 120 and 150 million dollars. However, the truth is that this sci-fi movie is not so bad as to have suffered such a fate. Starring Britt Robertson and George Clooney, this is an adventure film that will take the protagonists to other dimensions, which translates into a wonderful visual finish.

The setting is one of the great assets of this film, and the truth is that it is something we can be proud of: much of the film was filmed in Valencia, specifically in the City of Arts and Sciences. In fact, when we watch the film, the work of Santiago Calatrava is easily identifiable.

Where to watch Tomorrowland

Currently, if we want to enjoy the film directed by Brad Bird, we can do so through Disney+, the company’s video on demand service, where we will also have access to all Marvel movies, Star Wars and many other important sagas in the industry.