Manor Lords, the most wanted game on Steam arrives today on PC Game Pass


The most anticipated game on Steam is Manor Lords, with more than 3 million wishlists, as announced by Hooded Horse on its official account on the social network X (formerly Twitter). Back in 2022, the demo generated 500,000 lists and in January this year it reached 2 million. When the Slavic Magic studio announced the game in 2020, they were expecting a mere 14,000 lists. Manor Lords is still the most wanted at early release with 3 million currently, and will be available on PC Game Pass from day one starting today, April 26.

Despite only launching on PC at the moment, Manor Lords has been one of the top 10 most anticipated games on Xbox Game Pass, according to this Google Trends listing. But what is this game so eagerly awaited by many and at the same time so unknown by others? Here is its latest trailer, followed by the most important details.

Main features of Manor Lords, today on PC Game Pass

Manor Lords is an ambitious strategy adventure where your mission is to turn a humble village into a prosperous feudal city, facing challenges such as resource management, organic city building and real-time tactical battles.

The game’s aesthetic is inspired by 14th century Franconia, with a detailed art styleand gridless building mechanics that reflect the historical evolution of medieval settlements. Attention to detail extends to resources and production, from soil fertility to hunting and industry, all influenced by the seasons and environment.

Resource management is key to the growth of your city, as you will need to balance basic needs with the production of trade and military goods. Explore the map in search of valuable resources, create trade routes and expand your settlements to maximize your economy.

However, not everything will be peace and prosperity. With the inevitable clash between your ambitions and those of neighboring lords, battles are a fundamental part of the game. Train your troops, lead tactical battles in real time and make diplomatic decisions to forge alliances or declare war.

If this proposal appeals to you, pay attention, it will be available for download from the Microsoft Store throughout the day.