Mail leak gives us information on Xbox’s future console

A recent mail leak has given us information about the supposed future Xbox console. These weeks we have been informing you about the most updated information we have about the future of the video game company owned by Microsoft.

And the truth is that the future of Xbox seems at least, very ambitious and eager to make a difference again, something that all players should serve to expect a lot from the company led by Phil Spencer.

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A new email from Microsoft talks about the future Xbox console:

“We’re moving full speed ahead on our next-generation hardware, focused on delivering the biggest technology leap ever. We’ve also created a new team dedicated to game preservation, something important to all of us at Xbox and to the industry itself. We’re building on our strong history of delivering backwards compatibility to our gamers, and we remain committed to bringing forward Xbox’s incredible library of games for future generations of gamers to enjoy.”

To find out whether or not this email is official, from the Windows Central media have contacted Microsoft itself, confirming this company that indeed the message of the mail is real. So the plans to create a new and future Xbox console are very real.

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Sarah Bond has also created a team to continue improving the backward compatibility in the consoles, so most of the players will be able to continue enjoying the games in the new console. Something that will earn them points against the competition.