Like something out of a comic book and focused on magic: these are the two free games on the Epic Games Store


The Epic Games Store free games are released and announced every Thursday, and since yesterday afternoon the American company already offers the possibility to get Ghostrunner, the title that will be available throughout next week without having to spend a single euro on it. However, the news of the store does not stop there, since yesterday we have also been able to know what will be the games of next week.

Ghostrunner will be available from yesterday until next April 18 at 17:00 peninsular time. The title is priced at €29.99, but right now you can get it for free on the Epic Games Store. Once the action title is no longer available, we can get our hands on the two free games from the Epic Games Store that have been announced in the last hours: ‘The Big Con‘ and ‘Town of Salem 2‘.

The two free Epic Games Store games for the week of April 18 have been announced.

The Big Con

Como salido de un cómic y centrado en la magia: así son los dos juegos gratis de la Epic Games Store

Step into the shoes of Ali, a curious and sarcastic teenager who takes a break from music camp to embark on a journey that will take her across the country. But it won’t be a simple stroll. Ali has the all-important mission of saving her family’s video store from some despicable loan sharks who are trying to pull down the shutters. He’s shaking down strangers, stealing their wallets and ripping off working people in the wild United States of the nineties. And needless to say, you’ll have to lie to your mother about it all. Decide who deserves to be ripped off and who might need a hand. The world is yours, so make the most of it!

Town of Salem 2

Como salido de un cómic y centrado en la magia: así son los dos juegos gratis de la Epic Games Store 40

As for Town of Salem, this is an online multiplayer game in which murders, cheating and survival will be the main elements that characterize the game. This title is set in the picturesque town of Salem, known for witch hunts, which will be present in the game. We will have to test our skills of deduction and ingenuity, in order to discover the truth and determine who is the witch that wants to put an end to peace in the city.

So, you know, if you want to get the two new free games from the Epic Games Store, you should stay tuned to the next April 18, as it will be the time when the games just mentioned will be available without investing a single euro.