LEGO Fortnite to compete directly with Roblox by making levels and paying its creators with money

LEGO Fornite is one of the latest creations we saw in Fortnite. And is that the masterpiece of Epic Games, has taken a new leap within the video game industry, heading more to work as Roblox style game.

In the sense that the community and creators will be able to create their games and maps, with stories within the title. And depending on the players that play the games, the creators of the games will monetize based on popularity and other factors.

This was something that had been in the wind for some time, as Epic Games&; plan is to make Fortnite a unique game in this sense, one that is able to congregate virtually every franchise in the entertainment world within it.

And as complicated as it may seem, it seems to be achieving it little by little. A titanic work of Epic Games that every day shows that with good plans, a good team and many original ideas, you can go far. In a few days, we will supposedly see a big update for LEGO Fortnite and Unreal Editor, which will allow us to start charging revenue for our maps and games created.

As long as we accept the commercial and economic use contract that Epic Games itself will provide us with.